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The Importance of a Handyman for Your Rental

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Hunt Holdridge

If you own rental property, then you know it is your responsibility to maintain the premises. You understand the importance of a handyman for your rental. One of the best ways to address small repairs is by using the services of a handyman that you can trust. However, finding a reliable handyman takes time and research. Maybe you don’t have the time to handle the chores, so why not turn to Make Ready Residential to handle the task of directing a handyman?

A Handyman for your Rental

You might rarely see your tenants or maybe you don’t see them at all if you use a property management company. That means the face and skills of a handyman shows your commitment to your tenant’s needs. A trusted handyman who provides dependable service is an asset for everyone involved. The handyman becomes an asset as the chief advocate.

What Does a Handyman Do?

A handyman is skilled in minor or major tasks. They can perform painting, minor plumbing work, drywall, exterior repairs, uncomplicated electrical, general carpentry, window repair, tile, and other tasks. The numerous skills that a handyman faces on a day-to-day basis only illustrate the importance of finding a truly skilled worker who can tackle the needs of your rental.

Turning to Make Ready Residential for Your Handyman Needs

When something goes wrong with your rental, the last thing you want to do is start an immediate search for a qualified handyman. With Make Ready Residential, we have you covered. You don’t have to deal directly with the tenants. The avoidance of frustration and time lost is an asset. Also, a skilled handyman can offer guidance about any potential future problems such as rotting wood, lost shingles, leaking faucets, and more. A handyman acts as your eyes looking over your rental.

Tackling Emergencies

What if a pipe breaks and is flooding the home in the wee hours of the morning? Are you prepared to take a frantic call from your renters and then must find a handyman to dispatch to tackle the emergency before your rental or tenants’ belongings suffer damage?  Have Make Ready Residential take the call and send out a trusted handyman.

The Task of Remodeling

After a renter moves out, it is often time to paint, lay new carpet, caulk sinks, take care of plumbing problems, replace appliances, and tackle landscaping work to get the place ready for the next set of renters. You want it to look its best so you can command a competitive rent price. Hiring a handyman to tackle the remodel work is one of your best options. If you don’t feel like vetting handymen, then let Make Ready Residential do the work for you. We handle scheduling, general carpentry, plumbing, electrical, laminates, carpeting, and more. The handymen that we work with are all skilled tradesmen who you can trust to have your rental looking fantastic. Our handymen don’t hide problems but fix them, so everything is in optimum working order.

A skilled handyman will keep your rental in tip-top-shape, and help repair things in preparation for a new tenant. Turning to Make Ready Residential is your best solution to take the best care of your rental round the clock.

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