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Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Finding a quality tenant and providing a pleasant residence for that person or family are just the first steps in maintaining the health and wealth of your property investment.

Make Ready Residential will help keep your turnover low and your return-on-investment high with efficient and responsive visits for Dallas residential handyman work like plumbing problems, general carpentry, routine repairs and every issue that might impact your property and the residential experience of your clients.

As a property owner, your units will invariably need repairs while your tenants occupy the premises. Our experience in property management and tenant relations will help you get your repairs or improvements completed with as little hassle as possible to you and your tenants while they live at the property.

What Handyman Services Can We Perform for Your Tenants?

Our repair team will assist with emergency issues like plumbing repairs and ceiling leaks, as well as scheduled upgrades like painting, installation of new water heaters and general carpentry needs. If there’s a repair or upgrade you need in your tenant-occupied home, we can assist with efficient, affordable and convenient repairs.

Here are a few of the services with which we can assist:

Routine Maintenance


Carpet & Laminates

Hardwood Installations

Plumbing & Electrical


We can help with virtually any project inside or around your property, from replacing appliances and water heaters when they break to performing repairs of all sorts, from general carpentry and handyman services to extensive bathroom and kitchen remodels.

Maintenance Questions

What are Some Common Ones We Receive?

When you manage a rental unit, act as a landlord or work as a property manager, you never experience the same day twice when it comes to tenant needs, questions and emergencies. You might not hear from one tenant until it’s time to sign another lease, and you may have another tenant who requires assistance often for routine issues like clogged toilets.

In our years of experience as residential repair experts and property management, we’ve heard just about everything in house troubles and emergency issues. With us as your partner in emergency dispatch and handyman services, your tenants will always feel their needs are met, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of low vacancy and consistent return-on-investment.

As the go-to team for handyman service calls from your tenants, we can handle any issue, whether it’s a middle-of-the-night emergency or a minor issue. Here are just a few of the issues our team receives each month:

  • Mystery leaks in the ceiling or on the walls that require plumbing assistance.
  • Water heaters that won’t heat water and require maintenance.
  • Broken appliances that require replacement parts and service.
  • Minor plumbing problems like clogged toilets.
  • Cracked or broken windows that need replacement.
  • Routine maintenance like servicing smoke detectors.

Why is Make Ready Residential Different from Other General Contractors?

Why is Make Ready Residential Different from Other General Contractors?

Scheduling repairs and speaking with clients can take time out of a busy day, particularly if you’re not the one making the repairs and you’re just acting as the “go-between” for a tenant and your contractor. We’ll contact your tenants, schedule the appointments and complete the work, so all you need to do is look for the invoice we’ll send you at the conclusion of the job.

We have a history of property management, and we know how costly vacancies can become when you experience high turnover rates and unhappy renters. Acting as a landlord or performing property management duties isn’t a “set it and forget it” investment, and our experience helps you maintain the return-on-investment on your properties.

We’re Available 24-Hours a Day

We’re Available 24-Hours a Day

When your tenant needs emergency service, we’re just a phone call away. We can work directly with your tenants to solve the problem quickly, and we can also take direction from property owners and management companies. We’ll do whatever it takes to solve the problem quickly, so everyone from owner to tenant receives capable and professional service.

Whether you need immediate service at one of your units, or you wish to arrange a schedule for regular maintenance checkups and preservation, we’ll help you maintain an excellent reputation with your tenants and build respect as a responsive landlord, property owner, financial institution or property management company.

Our Team is Ready to Assist Your Tenants With All Housing Maintenance Needs

Contact us today to see why Make Ready Residential is your go-to partner in handyman repairs, routine maintenance, rental rehabs and all the services you need to maintain the life, health and wealth of your properties. We’re your source for handyman repairs whether you own a single property or you manage several houses.