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We are now providing Property Reports with photos!

Utilize our PDF photo reports to identify and document current property conditions.

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Types of Reports


A property manager move-in report is a documented assessment of a rental property’s condition created by the property manager before a new tenant takes possession. This report details the property’s state, including fixtures, appliances, and structural components, noting any existing damage or wear. It often includes photographs for visual evidence. The report is crucial for protecting both the landlord and tenant by establishing a clear baseline for the property’s condition. It helps prevent disputes over security deposits and sets expectations for the tenant. Additionally, it may be legally required in some areas to ensure transparency and compliance with rental laws.

Types of Reports


A property manager turnover inspection report is a document prepared after a tenant vacates a rental property. It evaluates the property’s condition, identifying any damage, wear and tear, or changes since the tenant’s move-in. The report serves several key purposes: it guides the fair handling of the tenant’s security deposit by documenting any necessary deductions, helps schedule maintenance or repairs to restore the property’s condition, and ensures legal compliance by providing tenants with a detailed statement of deposit deductions. It also prepares the property for the next tenant, ensuring it’s clean, safe, and in good condition. This report facilitates a transparent and professional landlord-tenant relationship while maintaining the property’s quality and value.

Types of Reports


A tenant-occupied inspection is a periodic assessment of a rental property’s condition while the tenant is still living there. It aims to ensure the property is well-maintained, safe, and complies with lease agreements. During the inspection, the property manager or landlord checks for cleanliness, safety, and needed repairs. It provides an opportunity for tenant-landlord communication, helping address concerns, requests, or maintenance issues. The results are documented for record-keeping. These inspections contribute to a positive landlord-tenant relationship, help maintain the property’s quality, and prevent minor issues from escalating.

Types of Reports

Lease Renewal

A lease renewal property inspection is a review of a rental unit’s condition conducted by a property manager or landlord when a tenant’s lease is up for renewal. It assesses the property’s current state to determine if it meets the criteria for extending the lease. This inspection helps confirm that the tenant has maintained the property as agreed in the lease, and it may identify any necessary repairs or maintenance before the lease is renewed. It plays a role in deciding whether to offer a lease extension and under what conditions.

Types of Reports


A property manager inspection report is a document generated by a property manager to assess and document the condition of a rental property including interior and exterior. It includes observations on the property’s maintenance, cleanliness, and any necessary repairs. These reports are typically created at various stages, such as move-in, turnover, tenant-occupied, or lease renewal inspections, and they serve to maintain property quality, prevent disputes, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Types of Reports

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We can schedule directly with your tenant. This approach streamlines communication and ensures timely resolution of maintenance needs, promoting efficiency and tenant satisfaction. It also allows for direct coordination between tenants and the property management team, leading to a more effective and responsive maintenance process.

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