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Plano Handyman Can Help You Get Your DIY Jobs Done

Posted on March 29, 2023 by Hunt Holdridge

Do you need a Plano Handyman?  Sometimes you have high expectations of getting small jobs done in and around your home, especially those tasks you think you can do after watching one of those home-improvement shows. 

But most of the time, you just run out of, well, time or lack the expertise—even after watching a couple of YouTube videos. That’s when you realize that maybe it’s better to leave that fence repair to someone who can do the job properly and at a low cost. Enter the handyman.

A handyman is a very cost-effective option for work that doesn’t require a licensed professional, like messing with the fuse box, which should definitely be handled by an electrician. They are multi-skilled in many areas of home repairs, renovations, improvements, and more. 

In Plano and around the Metroplex, the cost of a handyman ranges anywhere from about $50 to $80 per hour. But some charge flat fees for different services. And, depending on the type of work you need, they might charge for materials, unless you already have that covered.

Finding a handyman in Plano should be easy. Consult with friends, relatives and coworkers to get recommendations, and search online for dependable ones. Keep in mind that some might have specialized skills, such as masonry, carpentry, and others might be general workers. 

In some instances, it might be better to contact a business that employs several handymen with different skill sets, so they can fulfill your needs. If you need someone with specific experience, it’s likely that the business can help you. 

When to Call a Handyman in Plano

Do you have a list of DIY projects you’ve been putting off for a while because of work and family obligations? If that is the case, get in touch with a reputable handyman to take some of those jobs off your hands. 

There are many jobs that a good handyman can do without any issues. An experienced handyman in Plano can help with carpentry projects, fixing drywall holes, painting and many other similar jobs. However, keep in mind that there are some tasks that require licensed professionals.

Installing new electrical boxes or rewiring a room, for example, is something that should be done by a licensed electrician. The same goes for plumbing—installing new lines for gas or upgrading drainage systems requires the services of a licensed plumber. 

However, a handyman should be able to replace an existing light fixture or fix a simple water leak. But check with the local jurisdiction, as different localities have different requirements.

Get it on Paper

Once you have a good list of the work you need, ask friends, family and colleagues at work for recommendations. And search the internet for handyman providers in your area. However, be aware that companies you find on the web might have very few reviews, so one or two bad reviews can tilt the results of your search.

After you pick a handyman, or a company that employs several handymen with different skills, make sure you get estimates for the work on paper. You don’t want any surprises when the final bill arrives. 

Ensure that the scope of the work is detailed, especially for parts that might be required. A good handyman can figure out what they’ll need to finish the job and the time it will take. Get it all in writing, so there are no misunderstandings.

Job-specific or generalist?

Many handymen are true “jacks of all trades,” who can do just about any type of work around your property. 

Make sure that whomever you contact and decide to hire is skilled in the areas that you need them for. Some handymen might specialize in carpentry work, such as fixing fences or repairing damaged stair railings. Some others could be experts at concrete work or installing a new shed in your backyard. Others could even help assemble furniture, like a crib or other packaged furniture pieces from Ikea.

Ask your prospective handyman if they have photos to see what type of work they’ve done before—and check references. If they don’t feel comfortable with your request—and the vast majority of handymen are honest working people—ask them for references.

Don’t Take Personal Risks with Your DIY Projects—Hire a Handyman Instead

There are quite a few jobs that you think are easy to do, but without proper equipment or experience, they could be risky for you to perform. 

These jacks of all trades know what they’re doing, and they have the right tools to do the job. 

Some homes have very high ceilings that are not reachable with a regular-sized ladder. So, if you need to change a light bulb or battery in a smoke detector, you’ll need a tall ladder. A good handyman will have one of those to get the job done. 

Same with getting your gutters cleaned up after autumn. All those leaves could clog up your downspouts, so let a handyman do the job with the proper equipment, such as tall ladders. Let them get up on the roof and clean it. They know what they’re doing, and they’ll be safe doing it. 

It’s All About Curb Appeal

If you’re planning to put your home up for sale, one of the most efficient ways to get ready for the listing is to make a list of all those little things that need to be taken care of, which will make your house stand out from the rest. Give that list to a handyman, and they’ll jump on it. (Just make sure you go over the cost for each item!)

Or you could walk around inside and outside the house with the handyman to have a second set of eyes to help you spot areas that need some work.

Do you need to get the exterior of your house cleaned up? Are there items that an inspector might flag? Do you need to paint some areas that are looking like they need some TLC? Do you need to get rid of that spider web around that hard-to-reach exterior light? Those are some of the issues that an agent or potential buyer will notice right away. 

If you have outdoor space, like a deck or a porch, take a good look at it with your handyman and see if it needs maintenance. Carpentry is one of the top skills for a good handyman, and they can quickly and efficiently perform the work to make sure those areas are set.

Inside of your house, there could be a myriad of things that you may not have noticed but that a good handyman would—and which an inspector definitely will.

Don’t Let Your Plano Home’s Age Deceive You

While the median age of a home in Plano is only about 26 years old, houses there take quite a beating—frequent thunderstorms with high winds, hot summers, icy conditions in winter. 

All that exposure to the elements means that your house could age quickly and need more maintenance and repairs than you initially thought.

Hiring a regular handyman in Plano could be the right choice to help you keep your home in top shape, no matter the season. Their rates are usually very reasonable, and an experienced one can get most jobs done efficiently and in a timely manner.

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