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Handyman Services: Cost-effective Home Improvements

Posted on November 30, 2022 by Hunt Holdridge

Are you looking for Handyman Services? Early winter is an excellent time to assess the state of your home and whether you might need some help crossing out a few items from your to-do list, especially if you expect guests over the holidays. Perhaps you have a hole in your drywall from that time you were moving a table? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to fix that leaky toilet that never seems to stop running?

Hiring a handyman to do those types of jobs is an efficient and low-cost way to get your home ready for the new year, especially if you don’t have the expertise to do them yourself.

A handyman is essentially a jack of all trades who can assist with a great variety of tasks that you may not be able or willing to do. And they come equipped with tools you may not already have, such as tall ladders to change bulbs in high ceilings or similar situations.

One good way to start the process is to make a list of the work you need done. This could include jobs inside the home as well as outside.

Interior work

Bathroom work

One of the most common—and annoying—jobs for a handyman to fix is water leaks. Whether it’s a dripping faucet in the bathroom next to your bedroom that keeps you up at night or a toilet that won’t stop running, a handyman can handle the work with ease.

They can also regrout your shower, retile your bathroom to give it a fresh look, or install new lighting fixtures to brighten up the room. You could also ask the handyman to replace your shower head and spout for a more contemporary look in your bathroom.

In addition, if your bathroom cabinet looks a little worn, this could be a good occasion to get it all done. Just note, as mentioned above, that some of the plumbing might need to be done by a licensed professional to avoid future problems.

The walls

While fixing holes in your drywall might seem like something you can do yourself, if it’s not done right, it will be obvious to everyone and could be an eyesore. A good handyman will have the experience to get the job done right, so the wall will be smooth and clear of any visible repairs.

While you’re getting those holes patched around the house, which will need painting, maybe it’s time to consider painting the walls in the room. After all, painting just the freshly repaired area will stick out like a sore thumb because the new paint will very likely not match the original.


Handymen are usually very good with carpentry. Give a handyman a list of carpentry-related work, and they’ll get right on the job. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting a wooden storage area built in your garage or having some shelves there.

Another job to consider leaving to a handyman is floor repairs. That cracked hardwood floor plank will not fix itself, but a handyman can repair that floor without having to replace the entire area.

The list of carpentry work that a handyman can do is virtually endless. From installing wood crown molding to framing for that new storage area, to repairing wood furniture, to building a custom-made TV enclosure, a handyman is the way to go for these types of jobs.

Don’t get shocked!

Some homeowners might be a little apprehensive about replacing light fixtures or ceiling fans. Hiring a handyman, which would cost much less than a licensed electrician, is a good way to go to modernize a home without spending too much. It doesn’t require rewiring or messing with the home’s electricity, other than turning off the circuit at the fuse box while the installation is in progress.

While some people take a DIY approach to these types of jobs, situations often arise when they might be stuck. For example, the screws that come with the new fixture might not fit into the existing brackets. Or the wires might be too short. A handyman, who is probably very familiar with many types of situations, can probably get the task done efficiently and without any issues.

Dryers that take forever

Is your dryer taking forever to dry your clothes? One of the most common causes of this is clogged dryer vents. Years of lint buildup could block your dryer vent, preventing air from flowing freely and causing the longer dry times. In addition to costing you extra money on your electric bill, a lint-clogged dryer vent could also be a fire hazard.

Having a handyman clean out the vent can take care of this quickly and safely. They will unplug the dryer and disconnect the duct, vacuum the area around the back of the dryer and where the duct meets the wall. They will also clean out the duct that leads to the exterior vent to ensure that it is all clear. This might sound easy to do, but if you’re not familiar with the process, why not let a handyman do it instead?

Exterior work

Fences take quite a beating over the years: periods of sun, followed by rain, then snow and wind. It all takes a toll on their structure and look.

A good handyman can get that leaning fence back in line or repair or replace those fence boards that are looking sad. Don’t be the novice who tries to do it alone only to end up with a fence that doesn’t line up quite right with the property line, or worse, one that leans just a little bit due to the improper installation of the posts.

Handymen, experts as they are in many areas of home repairs and installations, are a very good option to get this type of work done. And it’s something that you probably should address before it becomes a danger to people or pets.

The work itself isn’t too complicated, but it requires a certain level of expertise, from pouring the concrete for the posts to measuring everything correctly. A handyman will have the tools and knowledge to get it done safely and efficiently.

How are your porch and decks? If they need a little TLC, getting a handyman to repair those outdoor structures, which can also sustain damage from exposure to elements, is a great way to go to get those repairs done. From staining to securing loose wood boards, leave it to a handyman to fix them, so you can enjoy them during the warmer months.

Concrete work

Driveways, with cars rolling in and out, can show some cracks after years of use. This is another area where a knowledgeable handyman can, well, come in handy. In addition to being great carpenters, many are also experts at masonry. They can assess the damage and come up with a fix to seal the driveway, sidewalks and paths around your home.

When the concrete work is done, the handyman can even haul away the debris, saving you the trip to the local transfer station—and without getting your own vehicle dirty with the materials.

Leave it to a handyman

Once those beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves fall, you’ll need to make sure your gutters are clear. Otherwise, if the water isn’t flowing where it’s supposed to, it can lead to water damage to your siding, roof, and other areas.

While this is also one of those jobs that you might think of taking on, it can be dangerous, and you can damage your home, such as the gutters, roof or siding. Or, perhaps you tried to clean the gutters yourself already but damaged them instead. A handyman will have the right tools and experience to perform the repairs right and efficiently.

Handymen, these jacks of all trades, are a good option to consider when it comes to home improvement inside and outside. They have the tools and expertise in a wide variety of tasks to take on most jobs. Most importantly, they are convenient, cost-effective and efficient. Don’t risk your safety or damage to your property to save a few bucks, and let a handyman do the work.

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