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Handyman Renovations

Handyman Renovations Before Listing

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Hunt Holdridge

Remodeling your property is a great way to fetch a higher price when you rent or sell it. Whether you should you put the house as it is or go for renovation depends on its current condition. If you are sure that the existing outlook of your home is positive, then listing it on the market would be a preferable option.  We have solutions to help you with handyman renovations before listing.

However, many landlords remain confused with regards to the condition of their home. In case, you are confused about listing your property, then these renovations before listing your property on the market would reduce your uncertainty.

Check your Kitchen

There are a variety of low cost yet highly effective updates you can make to your kitchen. How about replacing outdated appliances with modern ones that can help conserve energy or make other updates that conserve energy? Since buyers are really picky, they will appreciate your property more if they can save some money on electricity bills.

You can also clean the kitchen cabinets floors to get rid of the sticky residue. Replacing an old sink or faucet will also work when it comes to home renovation. Your potential customers would really love the sparkling look of your brand new sink.

Update Your Bathroom

A typical bathroom does not require major changes unless you have not paid attention to its maintenance for years. Your bathroom can be a key point and can influence a buyer’s decision.

To make it look appealing make sure to replace old or broken shelves and cabinets with new ones. If you have small mirrors in your bathroom, replacing them with a large one would make it more appealing and make your bathroom look bigger than normal. You can also swap your old showerheads, faucets and towel racks with modern ones.

Try a New Coat of Paint

One of the cheapest upgrades to your home listing is a new coat of paint. Your walls are likely to take a lot of abuse from your previous tenants and are most prone to damage after the kitchen and bathroom.

Fresh paint on your walls can brighten up the rooms while hiding the visual defects on walls. It can also make your room feel fresher and clean for your potential clients. Just make sure not to paint your walls with unusual colors that are too bold.

Buyers can have a real hard time dealing with boldly decorated and painted rooms. Instead, pick something with a neutral hue.

Essential Remodels

Your Dallas Handyman can also perform some other essential upgrades to your house. This can include improvement in your fixtures, and floors and polishing the old hardwood. In case, your hardwood is stained, re-sanding it would be a perfect decision. Besides, repair any cracks, or damage to the interior of your house. If you have screw holes make sure to fill them up.

Wrapping Up

In short, avoid major upgrades that might not be cost effective. Keep your home in a decent and natural tone. Buyers are not willing to pay for your fancy window shades or decorative ceilings. Although it might appeal to some Millennials, you can’t risk losing a majority of buyers.

When your handyman is done with renovations make sure to have a look around your house as a buyer!

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