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Posted on February 4, 2022 by Hunt Holdridge

The bathroom is one of the most forgotten remodel spots of the home, when in reality, bathroom remodels should be one of your top priorities. Your bathroom is one of  the most private and personal areas of your home. It’s where most of your self-care routine takes place whether it be just a routine shower or a home spa day with a face mask and bath soak. That’s why it’s really important to make it a space you actually enjoy spending time in. Your bathroom is your home sanctuary, your home spa, your home relaxation. When you have guests over, it is inevitable that someone will have to visit your bathroom at one point or another. What your guests see as part of your daily hygiene will say a lot about you. An old dingy, mold and mildew filled, or just outdated bathroom will make your guests wonder if your home is really someplace they want to be visiting. 

Some things in a bathroom remodel you can do yourself, such as upgrading your toilet paper and toilet paper holder, updating the hardware on your cabinets, adding shelves and other minor things that only require a screw gun and a level. If you are up for masking tape and covering permanent fixtures with plastic or sheets, you could try your hand at painting. One challenge of painting a bathroom by yourself however is the potential lack of space for step stools and ladders to reach all the needed areas. Some areas may require a professional to come in, especially tall ceilings. While they are up there, you could even have a skylight put in to enhance the natural lighting in the room and open things up a bit.

Choose a Hidden-Tank and/or Low-Flow Toilet

A hidden tank toilet is one in which the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall. This has several benefits. They are worth considering especially for small bathrooms, since the design can save space. Their sleek look also fits right in with modern and contemporary bathroom designs. However, be aware that routine maintenance can be difficult because there is usually no easy access to the tank if the inner workings need attention. Access panels can be installed for easier access, but can be easily seen.

Another new and modern style to consider is a low-flow toilet. These models save water every time you flush. They are a smart choice that not only will lower your water bill but also increase the value of your home.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity makes any bathroom feel open and airy by opening the space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor. You can have a solid plank of wood with a vessel sink; this one can be outfitted with double sinks and drawers for storage. When considering bathroom upgrades like installing a floating vanity, make the decision early to make sure the layout will all work with your space. .

Install a Frameless Glass Shower

Frameless glass showers add a luxurious look to any bathroom, but the reason for installing one might not be all about looks. A frameless glass shower lacks a ledge or lip to step over to enter the shower, making it a win  for anyone with mobility difficulties. 

Add a Shower Bench

Just like in a lavish spa, a seat in the shower will encourage relaxation, and it makes a great small bathroom upgrade. You can tile the bench to match the rest of the shower, or add a bench made of a contrasting material like teak or glass. With other upgrades in the shower, such as a steam feature or multiple showerheads, it will be like going to a fancy spa every day.

Heated Towel Bar

This is another cozy bathroom upgrade idea. You can hang your towels from heated bars so you can wrap yourself in warm terry cloth when you step out of your shower or bath. If you’re looking for a more energy efficient option, skip the electric towel bar and place a shelf or bar on the shower wall opposite of the showerhead. The steam from the shower will warm up your towel for you. This is a must for places with colder winters.

Use Small, Textured Tile on the Shower Floor

You’ll have lots of flooring, wall, and tile choices to make during your bathroom remodel. The most important choice from a safety standpoint will be the floor tile of your shower. You should choose a small, textured shower tile. The texture and the extra grouting will keep your feet from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet. Larger tiles provide more room for your foot to slip.

Most modern bathroom tiles are easy to clean, and they use grouts that resist mold, humidity, and stains. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in many style, color and texture possibilities. Mix and match different patterns and colors for maximum visual impact, or do something more mild and subdued for a calmer look.

Install 2-Inch Drain Pipe

This may seem like an odd thing to put on a list, but this is actually a small and invisible improvement. It will really make a big difference in the functionality of your bathroom.

Typical bathroom drain plumbing is usually PVC pipe that’s .25 inches to 1.5 inches  in diameter. This type of drain pipe can clog easily, especially if you have several family members using the same shower and/or bath. Installing a drain pipe that’s 2 inches in diameter costs roughly the same, and it will dramatically improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom.

Include a Window in the Shower

One of the biggest enemies of a clean bathroom is humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew. Although a good bathroom ventilation fan will make a big difference, the best ventilation is natural ventilation. is also not a friend of mold and mildew. Let it take some of the cleaning work from you! Adding a window in your shower will help to draw out humidity, even if you just crack it open during or after a shower. A window also will let natural light into the bathroom. As an added bonus, you probably won’t have to waste energy by turning on a bathroom light during the day if you have a window. A shower window sill should always slope downward, so the water drains off of it. You can and should use frosted glass for privacy. Another option to brighten a dark, dull bathroom is by adding additional or bigger windows in the room or even a skylight. This bathroom upgrade also makes sense if wall space is limited or outside views are unappealing. Operable models, called sky windows, offer ventilation as well as light and have frames that match wall windows. To prevent moisture and condensation problems, choose high-quality windows and install them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

You can gain more storage space while not sacrificing a sleek look with a recessed medicine cabinet. The extra wall framing job involved in recessing the cabinet doesn’t usually cost much in the grand scheme of bathroom remodeling.

A recessed medicine cabinet is especially useful when your vanity is on the smaller side. When you compare a recessed medicine cabinet to a traditional cabinet jutting out from the wall, it will give you extra space to bend over and use the sink. There will be fewer worries about banging your head on the edge of the cabinet. It will also give the room a more open and less cluttered feel.

Improve the Lighting

If you don’t want to go the window or skylight route, you have other options to improve your bathroom lighting. As you plan your bathroom remodel, consider changing or adding to your current lighting to improve the functionality and mood of the space. One easy lighting improvement is the addition of  a dimmer for the main lights. If you like to take leisurely baths, you know they’re not much fun in full artificial light. A dimmer will let you set just the right mood, and allow you to save energy.

You can also add recessed fixtures around the mirror to give you the best lighting possible when doing your hair, applying makeup, shaving, or doing any other task that requires lots of light. Consider adding lighting inside the shower, instead of around it. You might find your showers to be more safe and pleasant when they’re lighted properly.

Increase Your Shower Pressure

Adding a spa showerhead will bring you daily joy, and installing it is among the easiest DIY tasks in the bathroom. Think about installing a dual model that features a rain head as well as a detachable handheld sprayer, which makes cleaning your tub that much easier. A large square showerhead will provide a rain-like experience with a huge coverage area. If you want to go above and beyond the DIY level, having shower jets are a new trend.

Opt for Heated Flooring

If you’re replacing the floors in your bathroom remodel consider having heated floors installed. Heated floors aren’t that expensive to install, and they will add value to your home. Plus, they can actually save you money on energy costs in the long term, as they’re more efficient to heat a space than a central heating system.

Heated bathroom floors will make a huge difference in your comfort, especially if you live in a cold climate. Most bathroom floor tiles are naturally cold. But running the floor heating even for a little while can cause the tiles to retain heat for a long time. Regardless of your climate area, there is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and being shocked awake when your bare feet hit that cold tile. Not that we have anything against a nice and cozy pair of slippers, but a heated floor is just more fun.

Handle The Fixtures

When selecting bathroom fixtures during a remodel, you’ll be faced with lots of choices. Of course, you should select the fixtures you like best.

Bathroom style fads can fade quickly and large fixtures can be pricey and difficult to replace if you decide you no longer like them. Plus, a bathroom that’s clearly dated can negatively impact your home’s resale value. You can always add some bolder design flair with smaller fixtures and accessories that are easier to swap out when it’s time for an update.

 Carefully Consider Countertop Material

Like bathroom fixtures, there are also a lot of color and style options when it comes to your bathroom countertop. When selecting your countertop material, it’s important to weigh appearance with functionality.

Natural stone countertops are fairly expensive, but they’re also quite durable and can fit with many different design styles. The look of marble countertops appeals to many people, but marble is porous and needs regular resealing. Laminate countertops are inexpensive, though they don’t add much for resale value. Tiled countertops can be easy to install, but the grout lines will need frequent cleaning.

Prioritize Ventilation

Ventilation isn’t exactly an exciting part of bathroom remodeling, but improving a poorly ventilated bathroom should be a priority.

Even if it’s not required by local code, a bathroom vent fan is a smart addition. It will draw out moisture and odors, improving the air quality in the space. It also will help to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Don’t Forget About Storage

You might be aiming to create a simple and streamline spa-like space with your bathroom remodel but you need to remember to include storage. You need enough cabinets, drawers, and shelving to comfortably fit all your bathroom items. Make sure the storage will function with your day-to-day life. Select a vanity with enough storage space that will keep items you regularly use at your fingertips so you don’t find yourself cluttering your countertops and diminishing the look of your beautiful new bathroom.

Rethink Your Grout

White grout requires frequent cleaning and upkeep to keep mold from growing in your bathroom. One easy fix is to install a new layer of dark-colored grout. With a lighter colored tile, it will give a modern look while being completely functional. 

Choose Accessories Wisely

 When selecting the finishing touches for your new bathroom, it’s important to make sure they all go together to create a cohesive style. Try to pick towel bars in metallic finishes that coordinate with your faucets. Consider splurging on a slightly more expensive soap dispenser rather than an old plastic one that will look dingy against your brand new countertop.

Also, don’t clutter your new bathroom with new accessories all at once. Try living with just the essentials for a little while to see what you really need in the space. Then, you can strategically pick items that fit both your design preferences and your lifestyle.

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