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Affordable Upgrades for Your Rental Property

Posted on July 22, 2019 by Hunt Holdridge

An upscale rental is worth more than one with flaws. Without a doubt, property maintenance and upkeep costs money and causes stress. However, you can keep up your property without breaking the bank. An immaculate rental brings in valuable revenue. In this article, we will explore ways to give an instant facelift with affordable upgrades for your rental property.

List of Affordable Upgrades for Rentals

Each one of the upgrades listed is affordable and will increase your rental value substantially without hurting your pocketbook.

  • Replace Cabinet Doors: Kitchens and bathrooms are two critical rooms for renters. Renovating a bathroom or kitchen can quickly become costly. However, you can give the rooms an instant facelift by replacing cabinet doors. This is a great way to improve the rooms without having to purchase new cabinets. Replace the doors with high-quality wooden models and new upscale hinges and knobs. In some cases, you can even paint the doors instead of replacing them.
  • Backsplashes: If you choose a modern timeless backsplash for the kitchen it will truly make things pop. Also, the backsplashes are durable and easy to keep clean so a fantastic option for any rental.
  • Paint the Walls: Without a doubt, painting the walls of your rental gives you the greatest return on your investment. Often buying paint in bulk, such as five gallon buckets, saves you more money than buying small gallons. The fresh paint gives the house an instant clean facelift that renters will love.
  • Replace Doors: The doors in a rental property often become damaged. Sure, you can cover up dings with touch-up paint, but the blemishes are still noticeable. Replacing the old, worn doors with new ones increases the value and appeal of the rental. You should not only replace interior doors but also exterior doors to give the new renters a feeling of security. Doors are sold with or without frames. You can usually install standard doors without the frames to save money.
  • Pressure Wash the Exterior: Most would-be renters drive by the premises first before making an appointment to see the interior. This means that the rental must have extra curb-side appeal. Pressure washing removes dirt and grime so the residence shines.
  • Landscaping to Create Appeal: If your rental is a home with a yard then you might want to employ a lawn service company to mow and trim the grass and plants. Often planting flowers also creates added curb appeal.
  • Install New Flooring: Do not place carpeting in a rental. Carpet always gets dirty and sustains stains. Instead, you should install wood flooring or tile so that the floors always look pristine and stand up to abuse such as spills. Also, most tenants adore wood or tile flooring.
  • Offer a Washer and Dryer: Many rental properties do not have washers and dryers.  Instead, tenants must purchase their own units. However, offering a washer and dryer in the rental is a great way to push up the rental price and please your tenants.

Make Ready Residential can help you with your affordable upgrades, so you get the most rent for your rental.


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