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Posted on November 19, 2021 by Make Ready Residential

Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, it is inevitable that you will need make ready repairs and renovations. Or perhaps, money is coming in and you are ready to give your living space an upgrade. Depending on your vision, your renovation could be big or small. Regardless of the situation, Make Ready is ready for it all.

Why Hire Make Ready Residential?

Large Renovations

If you are looking into a large renovation, it can take a lot of time. Large renovations may also require permits from your County, which would require blueprints. Professionals are networked with all types of people. A professional will know certified electricians and plumbers, and likely knows an architect or two, as well as an inspector or two! Depending on the renovation, you might actually need an inspection. If it is a repair or renovation after a storm, you could be in a hotel, and getting back home would be your top priority. If you are a landlord, maybe a tenant trashed your home and you need to get it back into renting shape. Putting money into a renovation to upgrade and modernize the home can actually allow you to justify raising the amount of rent (reasonably and based on the location of course!).


You may be really busy. Any renovation, no matter how big or small will take time. Trying to renovate or make involved repairs will take time away from work, your personal time, time with your kids, or time with your pets. Professionals know what they are doing and don’t need to stop to check DIY videos or feed the kids, so they will get the work done a lot faster! A large renovation could take a professional a few days or a few weeks. If you do it yourself, life happens and you could end up looking at years before completion!

Tools and Material

Even if you have your own stash of tools for odds and ends jobs around the house, you may not have what you need for certain jobs. You can rent larger tools from Lowe’s or Home Depot, but if your project gets sidetracked you’ll be overpaying. This can get pricy.  There are certain drill bits that you need to use when working with tile. The wrong bit will shatter tile, creating yet another repair that you need to do. Professionals specializing in home repair and renovation will often keep things in stock suck as paint primer, concrete, mortar, grout, and other things that can be used for more than one job.


There are tons of videos online that you can watch and try to do yourself. The problem with these videos is that it can be hard to see exactly what they are doing, and you may have a situation that doesn’t exactly fit with what is in the video. Many repairs and renovations will require a drill. There are steel bits, cobalt bits, carbide-tipped bits, and solid carbide. Different bit material is used for different jobs. Different bits also have different coatings such as titanium, black oxide, and silicone. There are twist bits, brad point bits, masonry bits, rivet bits, spade bits, step bits, auger bits, hole saw bits, countersink bits, tile bits, wood bits. Metal bits, glass and tile bits, hammer drill bits, and more. If this is overwhelming, call Make Ready Residential.

Professionals Are Insured

Even a professional contractor can run into issues during a repair or renovation. However, because they have the proper insurance requirements in place, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a hefty bill or disaster. If you were to attempt the renovation on your own however and ran into a big problem, you are responsible for the damages.


Make Ready can do all sorts of repairs and renovations around your home or properties. Common assignments are listed below. Give us a call and tell us about your upcoming project. If by chance you have something that we can’t tackle, we have a large network we are connected to and will not hesitate to give you a trustworthy referral.


Make Ready can resurface your wood floors or even install a new one. If your carpet is old and dingy, or you have a stain that just will not come out, Make Ready can replace your carpet. If you have laminate flooring that is old and peeling, Make Ready can remove it and help you choose new options.


Whether you are moving out and want to give your home a fresh look for the next family, or moving into a place that has a color scheme you just can’t live with, Make Ready can help. Make Ready can change the entire color of a room, making it look like an entirely new space. Maybe you are in love with your current color, but a mischievous toddler found a sharpie and decided to create some art. Make Ready can help you create a frame on your wall showcasing that art, or we can color match your existing wall and give your artist a new canvas. Perhaps this is when you realize you need that color but in a washable paint option. Make Ready can make that happen.

New Appliance/Water Heater Installation

If your old appliance has stopped working, or you have decided that you want an upgrade, Make Ready can help you get it up and running. Our professionals know what tools are needed for the job, what hoses and connectors are needed, and know what and if any fuses need to be shut off.

Appliance Repair

Nothing is worse than having your refrigerator or freezer stops working. It can cost hundreds of dollars to replace all the food that can spoil. Catching an issue immediately can save a costly grocery bill.

Lawn Care

Homes that are part of a neighborhood with an HOA (Home Owners Association) have strict rules on how homes and lawns look. Hiring a professional is the best way to stay in compliance. If you do not have to deal with an HOA, lawn care is still important. Unkept yards just scream “come visit me!” to pests such as mice, snakes, mosquitos, termites, ants, and other insects and wildlife. Uninvited lawn guests can lead to uninvited house guests which could cause damage and lead to repairs and renovations.

Remove Debris

If you are a landlord, you know that there are people who will just leave what they don’t want and let you deal with it. Make Ready can haul whatever is left behind so that you can get things ready for the next tenant. Make Ready can also remove yard debris, such as damage from storms that could be tree limbs or broken fences. Leaving things on the property is not only unsightly but as mentioned above can be a great nesting place for insects or wildlife.


Make Ready can do all types of carpentry. Whether you need a cabinet door put back on or an entire basement finished, Make Ready has the tools, material, and knowledge to make it happen! Carpentry can be anything from refinishing or repairing a floor, fixing cabinets, framing a new room, roofing, or building furniture. Anything that involves wood, a carpenter can handle.


From water leaks to stopped up or overflowing toilets or sinks, Make Ready will make your bathroom ready again! It doesn’t matter if the cause is old leaky pipes or an adventurous toddler seeing what they can make disappear in the toilet, to people or rocks in the bathtub. Don’t be afraid to call a professional. Professional plumbers have seen and heard it all, so you don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed! Attempting plumbing yourself can lead to minor and major house floods. A flood on an upper level can seep down and cause damage to ceilings or cabinets on the lower level. The faster you call a professional when you find signs of a leak the less damage and overall cost will occur in the long run.


Electrical work should always be done by a certified professional electrician. Working with electricity can really hurt if done improperly. Touching a wire that is not grounded or covered can give you a shock. Attempting to switch out a fuse in your fuse box can be really dangerous, both your you and your home. Electrical fires are common with people who attempt to do electrical work themselves. A faulty wire or a wire that is not installed properly can cause a fire and damage your home. There is also the risk that your homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damage done by an electrical fire that was caused by an uncertified electrician working on the home.


Smart Home Integration

Smart home technology is becoming in high demand. Whether you are a homeowner and want to upgrade and stay ahead of the trends, or you are a landlord that wants to give their properties that edge that will increase value and demand, incorporating smart home technology is a great way to go. Some smart technology, such as vacuums or light bulbs, you plug in and go. Other technology requires mounting and possibly wiring. These things could include smart door locks, smart cameras, smart video doorbells, security systems, and smart thermostats. Letting a professional install your new smart technology ensures it is done right and that you will be good to go!

Routine Maintenance

There are things that all homes need on a pretty regular schedule. Air Filters need to be changed every 1-3 months depending on the type, smoke detectors checked and batteries changed, and gutters cleaned. Our professionals are even equipped for routine pool maintenance for homes with a pool or artificial lake. Whether you are a landlord with one or more properties to manage or just a homeowner that doesn’t always remember to do these things, Make Ready is Ready to help you keep track of and perform these routine maintenance tasks!


Open 24 hours a day

Make Ready Residential is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make Ready understands that emergencies always seem to happen a few minutes after most other offices close. There is no waiting with water up to your ankles, dripping on your head, having to go outside to go to the bathroom, freezing, or being too hot. Whatever you consider an Emergency, Make Ready considers an emergency and keeps most common parts and materials stocked so there is no waiting until stores open in the morning. Make Ready also understands that people work, and not everyone can get time off to run home. Losing time at work means losing pay, and that means not being able to afford repairs. If you call and talk to us, Make Ready is ready to work with you.

Emergency Requests

Whether the home is older and needs frequent repairs, there are pets in the home, there are kids in the home or maybe you are just unlucky… Make Ready knows that things happen. Cracked windows, clogged toilets, leaking ceilings, and broken appliances are all emergencies that are devastating to you. Make Ready is ready to help.
Landlords – Make Ready Schedules Directly With Your Tenants!
Make Ready knows that being a landlord is exhausting. Once you authorize Make Ready to contact your Tenants, we do all the work and scheduling for you.

Honest Billing

Make Ready Residential gives Up-Front Estimates that are truthful, and billing is detailed. There are never any hidden fees. Make Ready Residential wants to work with you again and again. We feel that dishonest quotes and unexpected expenses are not the way to make that happen.

Property Management Friendly

Make Ready Residential is experienced in dealing with property managers and landlords with multiple properties. Our maintenance coordinators will act as a liaison when scheduling routine or unexpected maintenance. We document all repairs on invoices and issue completion photos.

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